Selling your Home During the Winter?


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Thinking of selling your home in 2019? Why wait? 

If you are ready to sell you don’t have to wait.  There are advantages to selling during the winter! Here are a few.

The Internet Has Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter

Traditional home buying and selling seasons have evolved as a result of instant internet access to property listings. While spring is still the hottest home-buying season, serious home buyers are always on the lookout.

Today’s buyers do the bulk of their home searches online, and that’s especially true when the weather outside is not so cheerful.

Less Competition

Come spring, sellers will flood the market and your home will be just another fish in a great big pond. But right now, you’ve practically got the market to yourself.

 Serious Buyers

Most folks want to curl up under a blanket next to a warm fire on a cold winter day. If a buyer is trudging around in freezing weather to look at your home, they must be serious. That’s because many winter buyers are working against a deadline, whether it’s an expiring lease, relocation, or a contract on their current home.

Getting Tax Breaks Before Year-End

Winter home buyers may also be motivated to capture the tax benefits of buying a home before year-end.

Home buyers can write off some of the expenses of their home purchase on their taxes. There are usually multiple tax benefits of owning a home they can take advantage of, too.

Tax benefits could make a potential home buyer want to get a house bought and closed before the new year. And if you’re selling your home and buying another, you could ring in the new year with more tax breaks, too!

More Vacation Days – Time Off

You may think people are less likely to see your home in the midst of their hectic holiday schedules. That can definitely be true, but keep in mind most people have more time off around the holidays. That means more time for browsing their favorite home apps, dreaming about their future decor, and even scheduling home showings.

3 Tips to Setting the Buying Mood around the Holidays

Nothing says welcome home quite like walking out of the winter air into a nice, warm house that’s decorated for the holidays.

It’s easier to make a house feel like home in the wintertime. Here are a few tips to help you set the buying mood.

  • Keep it simple. Decorations should accent—not overpower—a room. Less is more.
  • Crank up the cozy. Turn on the fireplace, play soft holiday music in the background, and prepare fresh-baked cookies for showings.
  • Shine a light outside. Winter days get dark early. Brighten your home’s exterior with outdoor spotlights. A few holiday lights are okay. Just save the light show for next year.


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